Current Needs

Cash Donations for financial assistance:
Medical Prescriptions

Adopt-A-Shelf: Lifeline Market
Commit to maintaining the inventory on a shelf in the Lifeline Market, on an on-going basis. Adopt-AEileen Prentice & Girls-Shelf items are key food & household items needed to maintain our commitment to provide healthy foods and necessities for day-to-day living.

Whether you are an individual, family, group, or business you have an opportunity to help make a difference. Shelf adoptees can commit for one year, six months, or three months. Adoptee names will be recognized on the shelf item. For more information or to Adopt-A-Shelf call 972-542-0020 or email.

View Program Details and see what items are waiting to be adopted.

Current Needs: Lifeline Market (updated regularly)
(CLC cannot accept expired foods or open containers/packages)

Male and Female Deodorant, 3 oz
Toothpaste, boxed, 6 oz
Toothbrushes, adult and child
Shampoo/Conditioner 2-in-1 bottle, 20-24 oz
Toilet Paper, 4-roll packs
Laundry Detergent, 45 oz box
Dish Detergent, 20-24 oz bottle
Feminine Napkins and Tampons, 18-count pkg
Razors, 2 or 3 packs

Food   *Low Salt/Sugar Preferred
Canned Meats – Chicken (12 oz. can), Chili with Meat & Beans (15 oz. can)
Spaghetti Sauce – canned, (24 oz.)
Fruits – Peaches, Mandarin Oranges ( 15 oz. can);
Canned Pasta – Spaghettio’s, ravioli (15 oz. can)
Diced tomatoes-plain, mixed veggies, green peas, canned potatoes (15 oz. can)
Soups – Vegetable, Chicken Noodle
Oatmeal (cylinder box)
No Salt Saltine Crackers (4 sleeve box)
Cornbread Mix Pkg/Box (6-8.5 oz)

Professional Skills
To assist when family needs have been identified. Includes:
Electrician, plumber, auto mechanic, painter, lawyer, financial advisor and more. What can you provide? Notify the CLC office of your skills and availability.

Fun Ideas
Consider involving your family, civic group, church, business or other group to participate in a monthly project. and share with others. Download CLC Monthly Projects now.

Are you looking for a special project in which to share your skills, involve your family or other group? At times some of our families need a little extra care and that’s where you can become involved. Download CLC Special Projectsnow.


*Due to the needs of our clients and space constraints, CLC does not accept donations of the following items:
– toys and books
– clothes and shoes
– make-up and fragrances
– bicycles or other large items