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Special Thanks To The Hall Agency Insurance — We Appreciate Their Support

Christmas Wreath

Join Hall Agency Insurance this holiday season.

We will be collecting:  Canned Soups & Cream Soups

November 1 – December 22  

Canned Soup


Drop-Off Times:  Monday – Friday* 8:30am – 5:30pm


1717 W. University Dr. #407

Heritage Plaza Shopping Center (Hwy 75 & 380 by Kroger)

McKinney, TX  75069

972-562-9263 Allstate

*Pick up can be arranged by contacting us at 972-562-9263

The 8 Levels Of Giving

christine-hockin-01We’re heading into the holiday season when the requests for help can be almost overwhelming. Community Lifeline is no exception; we, too, are heavily relied on for help during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, because those who have little and those who have much – while different – face those holidays alike. They want the best for those they care about.

Your holiday donations to CLC, in whatever form, aren’t just used to make the holidays brighter, but to make the future better. I’m reminded of the writings of Maimonides, a Jewish philosopher who lived in Spain during the twelfth century. One of his most widely referred to works was Laws about Giving to Poor People. Maimonides identified 8 Levels of Giving and ranked them from most to least preferred. Maimonides’ #1 reason for giving is the one we live by at CLC:

“Giving an interest-free loan to a person in need; forming a partnership with a person in need; giving a grant to a person in need; finding a job for a person in need; so long as that loan, grant, partnership, or job results in the person no longer living by relying upon others.”

Helping the less fortunate for any reason is a good thing. It helps them.

But, helping people get back on their feet and making their own way is a good thing, too. It helps everybody. That’s what your donations to CLC make possible.

Have a safe, joyous, and bountiful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director

Thank You Atmos Energy

Atmos EnergyThank you to John Manganilla and Karlisha Hicks, from Atmos Energy Corporation, shown here after their first day of helping unload and stock a food delivery.

Volunteer Opportunity For A Bi-lingual Instructor


Mary Cullinan, LifeSteps Coordinator

LifeSteps, the education component of Community Lifeline Center, has an opening for a new volunteer to work with Hispanic residents of north Collin County. We need a bi-lingual instructor who would be available to teach one class per month—approximately 1.5 hours. The class topic will be financial independence, particularly a review of income and expenses; debt evaluation; benefits; setting goals; ways to save money; and how to communicate with creditors. Class materials will be provided, and these materials will need to be translated by the instructor and printed for the adult students.

For additional information, email:  LifeSteps@CommunityLifeline.org  or call Community Lifeline Center at 972-542-0020.

Hungry Bellies Can’t Hear The Gospel

Rich Hooper2When Rich Hooper arrived at Grace Community Church three years ago, he saw a need in Princeton. “I once heard someone say, ‘Hungry bellies can’t hear the Gospel.’ I believe the physical needs of the individuals have to be met before you can really begin to help heal any hurts that are there.”

He initiated a partnership with CLC because CLC could do what the church wanted to do but didn’t have the resources to accomplish. “CLC is fertile soil in which to plant seed because they have proven over the years that they are passionate about helping those in need in this area, while maintaining a sensitivity to stewardship of the funds that have been given. We support CLC because of their ability to reach clients that we would never be able to reach. While they have been structured as a nonprofit organization, I feel they operate under biblical principles and desire to actively work with the local churches to extend their reach and effectiveness.”

Hooper goes on to say that the mission of Grace Community Church is to bring Hope back to people in the community – not just to give “fish” but to help people “learn to fish” for themselves. CLC’s practice of multi-level assistance; guiding people back to self-sufficiency, is perfectly aligned to fulfill that mission.

“The partnership brings a completeness to our ability to minister to our communities. Community Lifeline provides assistance in a variety of tangible ways that we as a small church don’t have the resources to accomplish.”

In addition to supporting CLC’s operating budget, the Hoopers are continually promoting CLC to church members to encourage them to get involved in volunteering, or to help by donating items needed at the Center.

Because of the faithfulness and generosity of their members, and their amazing leadership, Grace Community Church, with CLC, is providing Hope. Help. Here. in Princeton and beyond.

Rich Hooper, Senior Pastor
Grace Community Church
Princeton, TX

You Can’t Say Thank You Enough

PATHways WellnessCLC Executive Director Christine Hockin-Boyd thanks Mark Namey (center) for the very generous donation of $74,000 from PATHways (Personal Attention to Total Health). Raytheon chose to end this employee association, so the board elected to disburse the funds to several area non-profits, and, thankfully CLC was one.

Other Special Thanks to:

Darlene and Steve Simmons, the new sponsors of the Tuesday afternoon Lifeline Market. CLC recently began offering an additional afternoon for food pickup. Darlene, who is a Lifeline Market volunteer, and her husband Steve, donated $5,000 to help support the Lifeline Market.

All of the McKinney vendors who participated in the VIP Shopping Pass program. Their involvement enabled shoppers to benefit with discounts while, at the same time, enabling CLC to help more clients.  Help – Hope – Here – right here in north Collin County. Thank you!

Surprising Families Was So Much Fun

ClothingChristen Nix, a volunteer with LifePointe Community Church, dropped of donated clothing for five CLC client families. Case manager Delphia Adeogun was very grateful to receive this timely donation just in time to outfit the families before cool weather sets in.

Shop Local, Help Local



October 24 – November 2, 2014 

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Purchase the VIP Shopping Pass for $25 and get amazing discounts on clothing, meals, services and more! The VIP Shopping Pass is valid from October 24-November 2 (unless otherwise noted) at local shops and restaurants. Proceeds from the sale of the Shopping Passes will benefit Community Lifeline Center, helping people in crisis since 1989.

Here’s how it works:

  • Or purchase passes at one of the following participating merchants:

Cynthia Elliot Boutique                     Fair and Square Imports

Nan Lee Jewelry Boutique               Orison’s Art and Framing 

  • Your VIP Shopping Pass will be mailed to you.

Back on Track–Thanks to CLC and CoServ

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

M.J., a recently unemployed single mother contacted CLC for assistance with her rent. During her interview, CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun realized that she needed additional services.

“I didn’t even know places like Community Lifeline Center (CLC) existed because I had never needed help before. It just seemed like everything happened all at once. I lost my job and I got behind on my rent and my utility bills. And on top of that, my 80-year-old mother became ill and had to be hospitalized when she came to visit me from Michigan. Although she wasn’t in the hospital for very long, she was still too weak to travel, so I’ve been taking care of her and continuing to look for a job. I was afraid I was going to be evicted from my apartment before I found a job. I had a long list of agencies to contact, but none of them were able to help me. The only one who could was Community Lifeline Center. Delphia was able to help me get current with my rent and utility bills (through Operation Roundup from CoServ Charitable Foundation). I don’t know what my mother and I would have done without CLC. I have an interview for a new job, so I hope to get back on track. Thanks to CLC, I got a second chance!

Collin County Poverty Forum

Dr. Tim Bray, University of Texas at Dallas, was the guest speaker at the Collin County Poverty Forum on September 29, 2014, hosted by the Collin Baptist Association. Statistics reveal that the increases in population, great as they are, are alarmingly lower than the increases in the poverty rate. In other words, as more people move into Collin County, more folks are falling into poverty.

One of several steps to improve conditions for those in financial struggles is to integrate services to assist them.  “Clients who received two or more services were five times more likely to be successful.”

Another step is to develop a continuum of care, working with “other community agencies to develop integrated programming that helps move clients on the scale towards wholeness.”

Community Lifeline Center is proud to be involved in both of these major steps to bring about change. CLC offers a continuum of care to help those in a crisis – LifeSteps Training (classes to improve skills to increase marketability), budgeting guidance, and the Lifeline Market.  Beyond what CLC provides, a client is referred to another agency that is known to be in a position to help.

At the heart of services provided by CLC is what Dr. Bray called ‘Cultural Competence.’  The worth and dignity of each individual is recognized by staff at the CLC, and each client is met with compassion and understanding.

To help CLC reach even more people in North Collin County and to help to relieve the pressures they experience in a crisis, call 972-542-0020 or visit CLC’s website www.communitylifeline.org To contact Collin Baptist Association, call 972-529-5222 or email info@collinbaptist.com