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October 24 – November 2, 2014 

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Purchase the VIP Shopping Pass for $25 and get amazing discounts on clothing, meals, services and more! The VIP Shopping Pass is valid from October 24-November 2 (unless otherwise noted) at local shops and restaurants. Proceeds from the sale of the Shopping Passes will benefit Community Lifeline Center, helping people in crisis since 1989.

Here’s how it works:

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Back on Track–Thanks to CLC and CoServ

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

M.J., a recently unemployed single mother contacted CLC for assistance with her rent. During her interview, CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun realized that she needed additional services.

“I didn’t even know places like Community Lifeline Center (CLC) existed because I had never needed help before. It just seemed like everything happened all at once. I lost my job and I got behind on my rent and my utility bills. And on top of that, my 80-year-old mother became ill and had to be hospitalized when she came to visit me from Michigan. Although she wasn’t in the hospital for very long, she was still too weak to travel, so I’ve been taking care of her and continuing to look for a job. I was afraid I was going to be evicted from my apartment before I found a job. I had a long list of agencies to contact, but none of them were able to help me. The only one who could was Community Lifeline Center. Delphia was able to help me get current with my rent and utility bills (through Operation Roundup from CoServ Charitable Foundation). I don’t know what my mother and I would have done without CLC. I have an interview for a new job, so I hope to get back on track. Thanks to CLC, I got a second chance!

Collin County Poverty Forum

Dr. Tim Bray, University of Texas at Dallas, was the guest speaker at the Collin County Poverty Forum on September 29, 2014, hosted by the Collin Baptist Association. Statistics reveal that the increases in population, great as they are, are alarmingly lower than the increases in the poverty rate. In other words, as more people move into Collin County, more folks are falling into poverty.

One of several steps to improve conditions for those in financial struggles is to integrate services to assist them.  “Clients who received two or more services were five times more likely to be successful.”

Another step is to develop a continuum of care, working with “other community agencies to develop integrated programming that helps move clients on the scale towards wholeness.”

Community Lifeline Center is proud to be involved in both of these major steps to bring about change. CLC offers a continuum of care to help those in a crisis – LifeSteps Training (classes to improve skills to increase marketability), budgeting guidance, and the Lifeline Market.  Beyond what CLC provides, a client is referred to another agency that is known to be in a position to help.

At the heart of services provided by CLC is what Dr. Bray called ‘Cultural Competence.’  The worth and dignity of each individual is recognized by staff at the CLC, and each client is met with compassion and understanding.

To help CLC reach even more people in North Collin County and to help to relieve the pressures they experience in a crisis, call 972-542-0020 or visit CLC’s website www.communitylifeline.org To contact Collin Baptist Association, call 972-529-5222 or email info@collinbaptist.com

Celebrating With Former Client

Mary WillisFormer client Mary Willis dropped off several boxes of bread and rolls donated by Bill Smith’s Café where she is now working. She said she wanted to pay back for the help she received from Community Lifeline Center and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. She was particularly grateful to CLC because of the resume writing course she attended at CLC. The instructor suggested that she apply at Bill Smith’s Café and she got the job! And thank you Mary and Bill Smith’s Café for your generosity!

We Love Our “Corn Girls”


Eileen Prentice & GirlsThe “Corn Girls” Carys and Jensyn Prentice, with their mother Eileen, dropping off their most recent donation to the Lifeline Market. Carys and Jensyn wanted to donate corn that is their favorite food. We are very grateful to the Prentice family for adopting the corn shelf!

Are you looking for an opportunity to involve your family? Look no further. Consider the Adopt-A-Shelf Program and see what wonderful items are waiting to be adopted.

Direct Client Services Staff Spotlight: Fran Barclay

Direct Client Services Team (Delphia Adeogun & Fran Barclay)

Direct Client Services Team (Delphia Adeogun & Fran Barclay)

Fran Barclay is the first person at CLC to hold the position of Assistant to the Case Manager, created in August of 2013. In her role, Fran helps clients prepare their applications, verifies information they provide, and assists with Lifeline Market services. Fran was referred to CLC for the employment opportunity by a staff position at her church.

Fran’s favorite part about her job is knowing that she is truly making a difference. “It’s not for everyone” she says, “but I sleep at night knowing I have made real productive changes in other’s lives. Can we meet the need of everyone – no; but we try to stay true to our mission.”

What does she wish people knew about CLC? How much their gifts make a difference. Gifts of time, talent and of course, monetary contributions – all are valued at CLC.  “We could not do what we do without our wonderful volunteers that give their time and energy”, she says. “I am at awe at their commitment.”

Fran is active in her church, loves travel and spending time with friends and especially her children and grandchildren. She started her “Bucket List” in August 2013 by traveling to Maine to eat lobster to her hearts content and sailing along the rocky coast on a historic Maine Windjammer.

You won’t see Fran often, she is mostly behind the scenes. But our clients know her impact is tremendous. And we at CLC know we could not do it without her!

SPOTLIGHT ON VOLUNTEERS: Mary Cullinan, LifeSteps Coordinator

Mary-Cullinan-300x256What is your position at Community Lifeline?

I am the coordinator for LifeSteps, the education component of Community Lifeline Center. CLC offers weekly classes, including job-seeker support, budgeting, how to stretch your money and Word 101.  The classes are free and open to the public, not just CLC clients. In addition, I am working on ways to increase funding for LifeSteps to improve the program. Fundraising is a fact of life with a non-profit. Getting creative in other ways to get donations is more difficult than I had imagined.

How did you become a volunteer at CLC?

CLC partners with St. Gabriel’s Church and as a volunteer with St. Gabriel’s, I had often communicated with CLC’s case manager, Delphia Adeogun.  I decided to look on the CLC website for an opportunity to volunteer and applied for the education coordinator position.  I have been in the position since May of this year.

Where else do you volunteer?

I am an Advocate at St. Gabriel’s “St. Vincent de Paul” Conference. The advocates respond to requests for assistance in our zip code service area. We call those who ask for assistance, complete an intake form and visit the client in his or her home. After the assessment, based on the available funds and the merits of the case, the advocates select by vote which clients will receive financial assistance on behalf of our St. Vincent de Paul conference and the parishioners of St. Gabriel’s Church.

I also volunteer with Pet Partners, Inc. (the North Texas “A New Leash on Life Chapter”). My 13 lb. pug-chihuahua, Penny, and I are a Registered Therapy Team. We visit people of all ages in locations where dogs are not usually allowed (airports, schools, nursing homes, etc.). Once a week, we go to Garland to spend time with the kids who are residents of Jonathan’s Place, a non-profit shelter for abused, neglected and abandoned children, ages 0 to 18. A little playtime, hugging time and one-on-one time with a sweet dog is a very special event in the life of the children we are privileged to meet.

What other activities do you enjoy?

When I’m not volunteering, I’m either spending time with my husband, visiting our grown children who live out of state, playing with Penny, reading or watching one of my favorite news shows on television.

The Road to Recovery

Last month, I experienced proof that our LifeSteps classes give our clients what it takes to be successful! In July, one of our clients rolled up her shirt sleeves and developed a plan to get herself out of a tight financial situation.

The biggest obstacle was that she had recently lost a job and was saddened that she needed to reach out for assistance. As proof that she wanted to move out of the dire situation she was in, she signed up for ALL FOUR of CLC’s current classes.

That’s right…she took a class in Job Seeker Support where she learned some helpful tools and got a pep talk from one of our fabulous, volunteer instructors.  He suggested a business that was hiring that matched her likes and skill set to a tee.  After applying there and at other businesses, she focused on learning some tips to make the money she had, stretch.  Our client attended the two money management classes – Bouncing Back When Your Income Drops and New Directions Budgeting.  There, in an informal and non-judgmental setting, she was able to learn some money managing strategies and, perhaps just as importantly, share feeling of worry and sadness with others going through similar circumstances.  She knew she was not alone!

The day Mary called to remind our client she was registered for an up-coming class in Word 101, she shared the wonderful news that she had obtained two jobs she had applied for and was once again, bringing in a living wage.  Now that’s someone with a drive to succeed!

At the end of the telephone call, our client thanked me profusely for all the good that the folks at Community Lifeline did for her. And I assured her we were honored to be able to walk with her on this journey.

We celebrate not only with this one client but others who invest in sharing their lives with us through the education program Community Lifeline Center provides.

Mary Cullinan
LifeSteps Coordinator

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day 2014                                                   North Texas Giving Day
                                                   September 18, 2014
                                                   6:00 am – midnight

Support Community Lifeline Center during the annual online North Texas Giving Day onSeptember 18, from 6 am-midnight! Every online gift of $25 or more that day helps our chances of winning prizes throughout the day, maximizing your gift. Remember—all gifts must be made online—NO donations via check, cash or stock will be accepted.

Anyone with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) and access to the internet can donate. Simply click here to make a donation to Community Lifeline Center from 6 am-midnight on September 18, 2014. Or you can go to the online giving website, NorthTexasGivingDay.org and go to theCommunity Lifeline Center page. Your gift will make a difference. Please ask at least one friend to make a gift that day, too.

Follow us on Facebook so you can share in the excitement of a day of giving. Remember to get up and give on September 18! With your support, CLC can continue to offer a “lifeline” for people in crisis

VIP Shopping Pass


VIP Shopping Pass
Valid October 24-November 2, 2014

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Purchase the VIP Shopping Pass for $25 and get amazing discounts on clothing, meals, services and more! Proceeds will benefit Community Lifeline Center, providing Hope and Help right Here in north Collin County to people in crisis since 1989. 

VIP Shopping Passes will be available soon online, at CLC’s office (call 972-542-0020), and at participating stores.