How to Get Help

Community Lifeline Center is here to help guide you and your family through a short-term crisis.  If you 1) live in our service area and 2) have a documented crisis, you may be eligible to receive assistance.

1) Our service area includes individuals and families who reside in the cities of Altoga, Anna, Blue Ridge, Celina, Copeville, Farmersville, Josephine, Lavon, Lowery Crossing, McKinney, Melissa, Nevada, New Hope, Princeton, Prosper, Westminster, and Weston.

2)  A documented crisis is a situation that came about unexpectedly within 60 days of an application and can be documented.  Such a crisis created an immediate need and was not caused by conduct of the individual.  Note that changes in temporary or seasonal employment are not considered unexpected.

Helpful Information to Understand Before Applying

CLC assistance is short-term temporary support to assist on an emergency basis to provide the basics of life.  These basics may include housing, utilities, medical, food, and day-to-day household items.  It is not a pension, wage replacement, or an entitlement program.

In order to qualify for assistance, you will need to provide documentation proving loss of income in your name that has created this short-term crisis.  If you believe you qualify, you may request assistance by creating a Seeladora account, choose the type of assistance you are applying for, and complete all required sections before submitting. (Your application status must say “Pending Review” in order for a case manager to receive the application.  If your application says “Draft,” it is incomplete and has not been received.)

Required documentation to complete the application includes the following:

— Photo IDApply for Assistance Logo
— Proof of crisis documentation (for example, notice from employer)
— Social Security cards for all household members
— The item you are requesting assistance with (for example, unpaid utility bill)

Once the application with documentation is submitted, your case will be reviewed, and you will be contacted.  If you have not received notification within five business days, please login to your Seeladora account to check the status or call the office at 972.542.0020.

Additional services offered, free of charge, include education in a variety of life and job skills. These services are available to anyone within Collin County.