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Child Activity Kits Giveaway

Helping the children of our communities is very important throughout the year, but seems particularly important during the holiday season. While you celebrate and give thanks for what you have in your own lives, consider aiding those who are less fortunate. Families have a chance to celebrate something in the midst of what is probably a difficult period of their lives. Just knowing that somebody cares for them can make a major difference. You are helping to support the ongoing need of providing assistance to families and children in our communities.


Visit Kits for Kidz and select “Community Lifeline Center” and purchase one or more child activity kits. The cost is only $13.00 — no tax or shipping charges. It’s simple, easy and fast. The items will then be shipped directly to the CLC office. It’s one small way to give a child something fun during a difficult time in their families life. CLC would like to have these kits available during December as well as all year long to give away to children. Please help us while we help others.


Join Us for Thanksgiving

You are personally invited to join us for a Thanksgiving meal. It would be an honor to have you as my guest and share in this special event. Your help in sharing this opportunity with those that may be in need or alone on this holiday is greatly appreciated. Please call our offices to make your reservations.

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director

Thanksgiving Meal

Happy Birthday!

Have you always enjoyed having someone sing “Happy Birthday” to you on your special day? Enjoyed having presents given to you by family and friends? Of course you do. We all do. Unfortunately not everyone has that privilege or luxury to have a party or gifts. That’s where BirthdayBlessing comes in and does something special.

Birthday Blessing Logo

BirthdayBlessing is a great Lifeline Friend. Kris Snellgrove, co-founder, met with CLC’s executive director, Christine Hockin-Boyd, and discussed the possibility of partnering together in providing birthday parties to families that otherwise couldn’t afford something we take for granted. The whole idea is to host the party on behalf of the child along with party favors, gifts and invite the child’s friends. And why? Simply to show and tell their love for others including a special message that God loves them too. And the birthday child receives a children’s bible as well.

Kris Snellgrove and all the other volunteers of their organization simply want to give birthday parties and gifts for children of families in need with the hope of making them feel loved and important on their special day. Thank you BirthdayBlessing for being a special friend to Community Lifeline Center. Yes, you’re a Lifeline Friend!

Abandoned Wife & Children

What comes to mind when you hear that a husband/father has abandoned his wife and children? If you’re like most people emotions begin to rise and questions fill your mind as you begin to speculate. Why the action? Why the imposed hurt on those you supposedly love and care about the most? Or even what could be so bad that you couldn’t face your spouse and talk it through. Nevertheless it happens and too often.

It was our privilege today to encourage and support a wife and mother that had been abandoned with her children and soon to be giving birth to another child. This woman was hurt, bewildered and had no clue on the whereabouts of her husband. He’s chosen not to communicate in anyway leaving his family unprepared, unprotected and financially distraught.

She came to the right place for HELP. Initial steps were put in to place due to her emergency situation. HOPEwas given both in speech and action. And it took place HERE at Community Lifeline Center.

Will you help? Would you like to be a part of giving hope to someone in need? You can right here where you live. Consider giving a generous donation on a regular basis. Give of yourself by offering your resources and connections. Or volunteer your time and skills. We need you.

The Buck Stops Here

This phrase is one you possibly have heard or even used in conversation at some time in your life. This afternoon our clients heard this phrase in relation to their financial future. The idea is that in order to move forward with one’s financial future that you must stop blaming others and take responsibility of your financial actions. Thus the buck stops here.

Financial counselor, Anna Graham, serves on staff with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service at the McKinney location. With the support and encouragement of CCCS executive director, Danny Wolf, our clients are benefiting from a customized financial education class entitled Dollars and Sense. CLC clients  learn about financial behavior, how to create a monthly budget, identifying budget busters, setting short and long term goals, and more. By the end of the class the invitation is extended in which each attendee learns that they may have a personal financial counseling session at a reduced rate. Upon completion of this prerequisite class CLC clients are encouraged to practice and implement what they have learned with the understanding they can still meet with one of our Case Managers for further assistance.

Community Lifeline Center is grateful for the partnership and collaborative efforts of CCCS in providing education, support and encouragement to those desiring to make a financial lifestyle change. Yes, the buck stops here.

Thanks “Gold Dude” staff. You’re a Lifeline Friend!Blue_Flash_big

CLC Announces New Collaborative Effort

CLC is excited to share that Lisa Roach, Outreach Specialist with Catholic Charities of Dallas, will be providing application assistance to individuals and families for Medicaid programs, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Food Stamps, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). This collaborative effort is greatly appreciated and as a result will benefit north Collin County residents. Lisa will be available on Tuesday mornings beginning October 6th.

Looking for Ways to Save Money & Keep Cool?

Look no further. If you are a TXU Energy customer please stop by to pick up a box fan or two along with a compact fluorescent light bulb kit (6 bulbs). If you live in one of our 17 service areas and are a TXU Energy customer please stop by our office anytime Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 am – 12 noon.

Please provide the following documents:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Current TXU billing statement

These energy efficiency items were provided by a TXU Energy Aid grant benefiting Community Lifeline Center.

Thank you to Lowe’s in McKinney for providing fans at a discount price and TXU Energy for providing the CFL kits.