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CLC Announces Resignation of Executive Director Hockin-Boyd

MCKINNEY, Texas—July 27, 2015—Community Lifeline Center announces the resignation of its executive director, Christine Hockin-Boyd.

Current Chair of the Board, Angie Bado, will step in as the interim executive director, effective immediately.

Hockin-Boyd joined Community Lifeline Center in 2007. She is responsible for growing the organization to serve more than 12,000 McKinney and Northern Collin County residents in 2014.

“Christine’s passion for our mission of serving residents who are experiencing a life crisis was evident on a daily basis,” said Bado. She went on to add that Christine “has a huge heart for people and has made a difference for so many.” “She will be missed,” said Bado.

Bado joined CLC’s board of directors in 2008. She has served on numerous boards, including the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, the McKinney Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, and Main Street McKinney. In 2005, Bado created TownSquareBuzz.com, a news website that provides in-depth coverage of McKinney news.

The board of directors will be forming a committee to begin the search process for a new executive director as soon as possible.


Sarah Switzer
Marketing/PR Intern
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Angie Bado
Interim Executive Director
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Meet CLC’s Newest Volunteers

Tiffany Nguyen is working in CLC’s front office as an application assistant and receptionist, providing phone back up and bilingual support. She will be with us this summer before she heads back to UT Dallas. We love her smile and her positive attitude. Bonnie Wallace is providing extra help in Special Projects specifically “on the hunt” for history trivia as CLC prepares for a big anniversary event later this year. Thank you for blessing us with your time and talent Tiffany and Bonnie!

Tiffany Bonnie









Are you looking to volunteer with an organization with a heart for the local community? Community Lifeline Center needs you! We need help in our Lifeline Market, behind-the-scenes office work and upcoming fundraising needs. With as little as 4 hours a month YOU can make a difference. Please email [email protected] or call 972.542.0020 and speak to Brennan Newell, Volunteer Resources Manager. Oh, by the way, Brennan is a new volunteer as well. Welcome Brennan!

CLC Executive Director Honored

Christine & Debi

Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director, with Debi Morelli-Matzke who submitted the nomination

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce, in recognizing the importance, and increasingly large share, of women in the workforce supports programs such as the Women’s Alliance of McKinney, and the annual McKinney Magazine Top 25 Women in Business award. Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director of CLC, was among the McKinney business women honored with the magazine’s 2015 award.

McKinney Magazine invited readers to identify women they believe “make outstanding contributions to the commuTop 25 Womennity, through their professional lives as well as their civic commitments”.  All nominees were reviewed by an impartial and independent selection committee of area business professionals, who then narrowed the list to the final 25. Honorees represent a diverse range of businesses and non-profit organizations across an array of categories.

Community Lifeline Center is a McKinney-based human services organization serving the needs of those facing short term crisis in Collin County. Christine Hockin-Boyd has served as Executive Director of the organization since 2008, and under her stewardship the organization has grown, and now meets the needs of over 12,000 area residents per year. Funded by grants, and individual and corporate donations, CLC’s goal is to keep families together, in their home, with utilities turned on and healthy food on the table, and –where possible – assist their return to economic independence. CLC services include the Lifeline Market, and diverse life and job skills training programs.

Be sure to visit the current needs page to learn how you give support. Or donate today knowing you are making a difference in your community.

Help. Hope. Here.


The Value of Volunteer Time

April 12-18, 2015, was National Volunteer Week, and there is no better time to acknowledge the enormous contribution that volunteers make to Community Lifeline Center.  Executive Director Christine Hockin-Boyd said, “We had 7,696 volunteer hours reported” for 2014.  That’s an impressive number, but just what does it mean?

According to Independent Sector, every hour of volunteer effort in Texas equates to $24.66 in value. This is a 5.4% increase from 2013.  The trusty desk calculator reveals that the CLC benefitted from the equivalent of $189,783.  That’s not just impressive; that’s awesome!

“For more than 40 years, National Volunteer Week has recognized the value of volunteers to nonprofits, to the people they serve, to society, and to life on this planet,” said Independent Sector President and CEO Diana Aviv.

“Though we could never truly put a price tag on what volunteers mean to their communities, we are proud to offer this figure to attempt to frame the immense value of the time and effort they give” [independentsector.org].
Over 62 million Americans, or 25.4 percent of the adult population, volunteered in 2013, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Recipients of these efforts were religious organizations (33.9%), educational or youth service (26.2%), and social or community service organizations (14.8%) [independentsector.org].  The Community Lifeline Center is honored to be one of the local social and community service organizations that is boosted by volunteer participation.  The residents of north Collin County who received help from CLC were the true benefactors, and CLC’s offers of help were expanded because of volunteer contributions.

So THANK YOU Volunteers.  If you helped last year in the office, the Lifeline Market, events, teaching classes – whatever you did is greatly appreciated.  And to our current volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you.  Your contributions are beyond description, and you are truly valued.

Meet CLC’s New President of the Board — Angie Bado

A long-time resident of McKinney, the newly elected CLC Board President Angie Bado has served on numerous boards, including the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, the McKinney Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and Main Street McKinney. She was instrumental in forming the McKinney North High School PTO and Athletic Booster Clubs. In 2005, she combined her passion for the news and her community and founded TownSquareBuzz.com, an online hyper-local news portal for McKinney.

“I look forward to building on the foundation that the previous board put into place and taking Community Lifeline to the next level,” Bado said. “Financial challenges are commonplace in the nonprofit arena, so financial stability, coupled with searching for partnership opportunities with other area service organizations, will be our top focus for 2015.”

A native of Pennsylvania, Angie is the proud mom to Matt, Megan and Colin, who all reside in McKinney, GiGi to one granddaughter, and is an avid reader, tennis player and music enthusiast. Describing herself as the consummate “foodie,” Angie loves to cook and entertain.

Back on Track–Thanks to CLC and CoServ

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun in a meeting with M.J., an unemployed single mother.

M.J., a recently unemployed single mother contacted CLC for assistance with her rent. During her interview, CLC case manager Delphia Adeogun realized that she needed additional services.

“I didn’t even know places like Community Lifeline Center (CLC) existed because I had never needed help before. It just seemed like everything happened all at once. I lost my job and I got behind on my rent and my utility bills. And on top of that, my 80-year-old mother became ill and had to be hospitalized when she came to visit me from Michigan. Although she wasn’t in the hospital for very long, she was still too weak to travel, so I’ve been taking care of her and continuing to look for a job. I was afraid I was going to be evicted from my apartment before I found a job. I had a long list of agencies to contact, but none of them were able to help me. The only one who could was Community Lifeline Center. Delphia was able to help me get current with my rent and utility bills (through Operation Roundup from CoServ Charitable Foundation). I don’t know what my mother and I would have done without CLC. I have an interview for a new job, so I hope to get back on track. Thanks to CLC, I got a second chance!

Celebrating With Former Client

Mary WillisFormer client Mary Willis dropped off several boxes of bread and rolls donated by Bill Smith’s Café where she is now working. She said she wanted to pay back for the help she received from Community Lifeline Center and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. She was particularly grateful to CLC because of the resume writing course she attended at CLC. The instructor suggested that she apply at Bill Smith’s Café and she got the job! And thank you Mary and Bill Smith’s Café for your generosity!

Direct Client Services Staff Spotlight: Fran Barclay

Direct Client Services Team (Delphia Adeogun & Fran Barclay)

Direct Client Services Team (Delphia Adeogun & Fran Barclay)

Fran Barclay is the first person at CLC to hold the position of Assistant to the Case Manager, created in August of 2013. In her role, Fran helps clients prepare their applications, verifies information they provide, and assists with Lifeline Market services. Fran was referred to CLC for the employment opportunity by a staff position at her church.

Fran’s favorite part about her job is knowing that she is truly making a difference. “It’s not for everyone” she says, “but I sleep at night knowing I have made real productive changes in other’s lives. Can we meet the need of everyone – no; but we try to stay true to our mission.”

What does she wish people knew about CLC? How much their gifts make a difference. Gifts of time, talent and of course, monetary contributions – all are valued at CLC.  “We could not do what we do without our wonderful volunteers that give their time and energy”, she says. “I am at awe at their commitment.”

Fran is active in her church, loves travel and spending time with friends and especially her children and grandchildren. She started her “Bucket List” in August 2013 by traveling to Maine to eat lobster to her hearts content and sailing along the rocky coast on a historic Maine Windjammer.

You won’t see Fran often, she is mostly behind the scenes. But our clients know her impact is tremendous. And we at CLC know we could not do it without her!

SPOTLIGHT ON VOLUNTEERS: Mary Cullinan, LifeSteps Coordinator

Mary-Cullinan-300x256What is your position at Community Lifeline?

I am the coordinator for LifeSteps, the education component of Community Lifeline Center. CLC offers weekly classes, including job-seeker support, budgeting, how to stretch your money and Word 101.  The classes are free and open to the public, not just CLC clients. In addition, I am working on ways to increase funding for LifeSteps to improve the program. Fundraising is a fact of life with a non-profit. Getting creative in other ways to get donations is more difficult than I had imagined.

How did you become a volunteer at CLC?

CLC partners with St. Gabriel’s Church and as a volunteer with St. Gabriel’s, I had often communicated with CLC’s case manager, Delphia Adeogun.  I decided to look on the CLC website for an opportunity to volunteer and applied for the education coordinator position.  I have been in the position since May of this year.

Where else do you volunteer?

I am an Advocate at St. Gabriel’s “St. Vincent de Paul” Conference. The advocates respond to requests for assistance in our zip code service area. We call those who ask for assistance, complete an intake form and visit the client in his or her home. After the assessment, based on the available funds and the merits of the case, the advocates select by vote which clients will receive financial assistance on behalf of our St. Vincent de Paul conference and the parishioners of St. Gabriel’s Church.

I also volunteer with Pet Partners, Inc. (the North Texas “A New Leash on Life Chapter”). My 13 lb. pug-chihuahua, Penny, and I are a Registered Therapy Team. We visit people of all ages in locations where dogs are not usually allowed (airports, schools, nursing homes, etc.). Once a week, we go to Garland to spend time with the kids who are residents of Jonathan’s Place, a non-profit shelter for abused, neglected and abandoned children, ages 0 to 18. A little playtime, hugging time and one-on-one time with a sweet dog is a very special event in the life of the children we are privileged to meet.

What other activities do you enjoy?

When I’m not volunteering, I’m either spending time with my husband, visiting our grown children who live out of state, playing with Penny, reading or watching one of my favorite news shows on television.

SPOTLIGHT ON VOLUNTEERS: Tim Baker, Job Seeker Support

LifeSteps Training is the education component of Community Lifeline Center. These free classes provide valuable tools to help individuals develop skills and self-confidence in a supportive environment. The following is from a recent interview with Tim Baker, who teaches the Job Seeker Support Class.

Tim BakerWhat is your title/role at CLC? How long have you been associated? Have you served in other positions/roles at CLC?
Motivating and instructing clients how to prepare a resume, keep a positive attitude, enable confidence and interview for job openings. The Job Seekers class is important to me. I also have served on city boards as well as non-profit private boards. Community involvement is extremely important to me.

What do you do (ex: for work) outside of your volunteer service? 
I am an executive business coach and performance consultant. I help direct and guide business owners to successful ventures. I have always known that if a person knows what he wants I can help them attain their goals. Most business owners work “In” their business rather than “On” their business. It is always important that we all ask ourselves “What is it that I am trying to accomplish?”

How did you come to know CLC, or what led you to your role? 
Through a referral from a friend.  I am motivated to help people be successful and keep the right frame of mind to do so.

Do you serve at other organizations, and if yes, what do you do for them? 
I have served as the strategic planner on the Consumer Credit Council Service of Collin County, the McKinney Convention and Visitors Center, the Heritage Guild of Collin County. I was the Board Chairman for four years.  I am also involved with the McKinney Community Development Center. I am also the Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) director for the Friday McKinney Rotary Club.

How are you rewarded by your work with CLC? 
I have the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and help direct the community by helping the people become successful.

Do you find anything that surprises you? 
People generally need a helping hand and not a handout. Most people need to have confidence that they can be anything they want to be if they set appropriate goals and keep focused on the end result.

What would you like the community to know about CLC? 
They are there to help people in the community. The community becomes stronger when everyone pitches in. Each of us gets more out of life if we help others.

What do you like to do when you are not working, or volunteering for CLC? 
Being a sports coach, being with my family, reading and finding more ways to help improve people’s lives.