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Celebrating CLC’s Wonderful Volunteers

What comes to your mind when you think of volunteers? When you ask that same question to Community Lifeline Center’s executive director, Christine Hockin-Boyd, she’ll smile and say, “I think about my wonderful women and men that faithfully serve each day. I think about their faithfulness and commitment that are unwaivering. And I think about their sweet spirit and attitude that is wonderfully displayed to our clients. CLC couldn’t exist without them.”

Independent Bank graciously sponsored and hosted this year’s volunteer appreciation luncheon on December 1, 2010  at the beautiful Rick’s restaurant in McKinney. The atmostphere, food and decorations simply added to the festivities. It truly was a festive time for all.

On behalf of the board of directors and executive director we celebrate the faithfulness and service that our volunteers continue to give and give so freely. And a special thanks to Independent Bank for providing a delicious meal filled with wonderful fellowship, music and joy. Thank you all for being great Lifeline Friends.

Help. Hope. Here.

Case Workers Get Reward In Results at Community Lifeline Center

It’s been a little over a year since Christine Hockin – Boyd walked into the downtown McKinney Community Lifeline Center (CLC), having taken over the position of Executive Director in January of 2009. With the help of volunteers like Delphia Adeogun and Rebecca Moss, Hockin-Boyd has grown the center to more than 17 programs and 12 staff/volunteers during her short tenure.

Twenty years ago CLC was created by the ministerial alliance. It was their desire for churches to work together in ministering to those in need with charitable kindness. CLC provides support services, which include financial assistance for rent/mortgage, utilities and prescriptions, as well as providing referrals for medical and dental expenses and food. All of this is dependent on donations.

In the course of about 18 months, CLC has begun to once again be a viable resource for those in need. CLC has grown from a one woman show to a team of 12 and now offers a growing array of programs, including computer and budgeting classes.

CLC’s revival is certainly, in part, a credit to volunteers, now case workers, Delphia Adeogun and Rebecca Moss. Both have seen big changes at CLC since they began as eager volunteers in 2009 and both are now employed at CLC, thanks to a grant from the Meadows Foundation.

“It’s a whole different place now to what it used to be. The building has been repainted, we have computers, thanks to a grant from the McKinney Community Development Corporation, a new phone system is in place and we have more educational classes,” voiced Adeogun. Christine has a clear picture of what she wants this place to look like. She is big on education, instead of just giving money, so we don’t see the same people coming back over and over.”
It’s evident that Hockin-Boyd thinks highly of her staff. “Delphia and Rebecca continue to provide the professionalism and dignity that I desire to demonstrate to our clients. Their eagerness and willingness to help improve and strengthen our case management process is appreciated. I’m thankful that are on my CLC Team,” commented Hockin-Boyd.

What is the biggest hurdle CLC faces on a regular basis? Moss and Adeogun simultaneously agree that it’s funding.

“Funding is such an issue – we rely on donations, grants, local churches and we get some FEMA funding”, Adeogun reiterated.

Adeogun and Moss interview prospective clients who come in looking for help. The two help clients determine their financial needs as well as if there is a need for classes and counseling. Today’s economic climate has had an impact on the number of people who are seeking financial or other assistance. On average, Adeogun and Moss see about five to eight walk-ins daily.

According to Adeogun, “Lots have (clients) been laid off, we are seeing more people who are middle class who aren’t used to being in this situation (asking for help).

Moss said that recently one family had come in for help because they had exhausted all of their savings after being laid off from their jobs.

For now, CLC hasn’t turned away anyone who is looking for help, looking for ways to partner with other local agencies, such as Life Steps, which is a training program that combines job training, mentoring, and networking to help women develop skills and self-confidence in a supportive environment, and churches.

“A female Life Steps client, who needed assistance with rent because she had no job and her husband’s job was dependent on weather and we had had so much rain, took classes here and we assisted the family with partial rent payment. The client took our budgeting class and knew what she had to do to be able to take over paying her rent. She interviewed and got two job offers and ended up taking a job with WalMart. We checked on her recently and she has been promoted, is up to date with her rent payments and finished her classes through Life Steps,” remarked Adeogun.

Moss says she was drawn to CLC by the work that was being done to turn the place around after Hockin-Boyd arrived. She signed up to become a volunteer after a friend, who knew she was looking for a volunteer position, asked her if she would come in to help.

Adeogun, who wanted to find a way to volunteer with her 8 year old daughter, figured she could keep up her skills as a case manager.

“I asked myself, ‘Is this really what I want to do?’ said Adeogun, but Christine so influenced me – I loved her idea about this place – she was shocked when I said I’d volunteer every day.”

What, if anything, have Adeogun and Moss learned from their jobs?

“I don’t come in with any preconceived notions – no judgment, says Adeogun. I think I’m getting more than our clients. We can see results, which is very rewarding.”

Moss added, “I’ve learned a lot of life lessons…to be more careful with my finances, to be more compassionate with everyone – we never know what situation we may find ourselves in.”

Both women commented that they receive many statements of “thank you” at CLC each and every day

CLC Volunteers and Executive Director Honored At Awards Dinner

Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director of Community Lifeline Center, was chosen by the Volunteer McKinney Center to receive the “Nonprofit Leadership Award” for 2010.  The award was presented at the McKinney Center’s annual volunteer appreciation event.  The award was presented by La Shandra Barbarin from Medical Center of McKinney, who  had the following to say about Christine :

“It has not been an easy path this past year, but Christine has endured, never losing sight of the errand.  Through her efforts and leadership Community Lifeline Center and its clients will live with the finer spirit of hope and achievement.”

Following the event Christine had this to say about winning the award:

“It’s a great affirmation both from the community and other nonprofit  leaders in recognizing my leadership skills especially in light of rebuilding an organization that had virtually shut down. Meaning it gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my professional skills in assessing, identifying and implementing plans for improvement including repositioning the image of Community Lifeline Center.  And as a result of this recognition I hope that families, churches, community leaders, businesses, service groups, and more will come forward in demonstrating their support to our mission.”

CLC Volunteers were also honored by being nominated for the group volunteer award.   Their countless hours of time spent serving the needs of the community through CLC are greatly appreciated as is the dedication shown to the organization.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit and that is especially true at CLC.

The awards event was well attended by CLC staff, board members, and volunteers.

The Meadows Foundation Awards Grant for CLC Staff Support

Community Lifeline Center has received a one-year grant award from The Meadows Foundation. These funds will be used to provide staff support by hiring two part-time case managers. The board of directors and CLC staff are grateful to the foundation for their support and as such are strategically working on additionally funding in which to retain these employees.

The Meadows Foundation is a private philanthropic institution established in 1948 by Algur H. and Virginia Meadows to benefit the people of Texas. The Foundation’s mission is to assist the people and institutions of Texas to improve the quality and circumstances of life for themselves and future generations. To learn more about them, visit The Meadows Foundation.

Welcome New Board Members!

Please join me in welcoming our newest board members. Simply click on the “Board of Directors” tab and view the updated list. I’m excited for what the future will bring as a result of these new folks.

Exciting days are ahead!
Christine Hockin-Boyd

Grant Proposal Presentation to City of McKinney

Wow, it’s been a long day…long week…still several days to go with various opportunities of networking. Tonight I had the privilege of presenting our Community Support grant proposal to the City of McKinney panel.  If funded we’ll be able to hire a part time case manager and have additional resources for emergency needs for McKinney residents. It won’t fill all of our requests but every little bit helps.

Will there ever be enough money to assist the hurting, hungry, neglected, abandoned and _________ ? No, and not likely in my life time. Yet what we can offer and I’m so pleased to say that my wonderful staff does offer is a smiling face, words of encouragement and hopeful next steps. Oh, I’m sorry did you say you haven’t met my staff? Well let me personally invite you to come and visit us. I have a great team that enjoy working together and I would be thrilled to introduce you, give you a tour of our facilities and explain what we’re all about.

Come on in!

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director

CLC Staff: It Takes a Team #4

It sure has been fun to introduce you to the various team members that faithfully support and volunteer, give of their time and expertise and give week after week. Why? Simply because they believe in the mission of Community Lifeline Center.

I first met Kathy Garland at a local business women’s event where we casually spoke and exchanged business cards. Weeks later I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Kathy’s interest in me in providing her professional consultation services in rebranding CLC. She has graciously committed to donating one year of her services and it has been the most enjoyable and fantastic time for me. Professionally and personally I’ve enjoyed the experience and I am the better for it. I recommend her highly in regards to her business coaching, branding consultation skills and desire to see other professional women succeed. She’s a remarkable business woman.

Vicky Warren is serving as our Community Relations Manager. She’s been doing an excellent job in arranging meetings for Christine to meet new people, resources and opportunities of collaboration. Her heart is big in serving people and has a desire to learn as much as she can about the non profit world. Vicky has been a great asset in helping CLC become known to potential donors. Yes, we hope they become Lifeline friends too.

Please meet Terry Locke who serves as our Sr Manager IT. He came on board just in time when CLC received a technology grant for the purpose of updating and providing needed equipment in our offices. Let me just say that Terry is having too much fun configuring, building, installing and teaching us all how to use our new technology. Terry is a gem and we appreciate him greatly!

Got a Minute?

Wow, the week has been filled with so much activity in our offices. Sad to say but assistance requests continue to rise and we are doing our very best to receive, evaluate and respond appropriately to each request. As the year comes to a close so does our funding in various accounts. I’ve challenged our case managers to respond as kindly as possible realizing that our funds must last throughout the entire year. Can you help? Oh yes. By giving a donation be assured that your generosity is appreciated, your money will be used wisely and for individuals/families that are truly experiencing a “hiccup” in their life — the unexpected.

Also, our Sr Manager IT, Terry Locke, has been busy configuring our new network server with hopes of beginning to install our new computer systems tomorrow and next week. It’s been fun to see our offices transform before our very eyes with the new and updated equipment.

Please stop by our offices and allow me to give you a tour of our facility, introduce you to our great volunteer staff and hopefully entice you to becoming a Lifeline friend!

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director

CLC Staff: It Takes a Team #3

Let’s meet some additional members that make up our great team. Sylvia Setiadi joined the team a couple of months ago. She was looking for a place to volunteer and give back to the community. Besides volunteering at CLC she also gives of her time at a nearby school. We’re thankful Sylvia comes and provides general office help.

Bruce McFadden came to us by referral from another Lifeline friend. Bruce is a professional vidoegrapher in McKinney and enjoys life, people and helping nonprofits such as ours with media. Bruce is providing his services in producing a 60-second promotional DVD.

Anna Graham serves as a financial counselor for the Consumer Credit Counseling Services in North Texas. She has a passion of helping others become financially successful in their budgeting, savings and planning for the future. Anna and other CCCS financial counselors teach our weekly financial education class which is required for each client to complete.

Delphia Adeogun is our newest staff member. She serves as another Case Manager and we’re thrilled to have her. Her background and experience comes from another state in which she served but we’re glad she’s in Texas — yes, we’re turning her into a true Texan.

Enjoying Speaking Opportunities!

DCMAThis morning I had the pleasure to speak at the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in McKinney. They were having their kickoff for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) of which I was asked to serve as guest speaker. The DCMA is the Department of Defense (DoD) component that works directly with Defense suppliers to help ensure that DoD, Federal, and allied government supplies and services are delivered on time, at projected cost, and meet all performance requirements. DCMA directly contributes to the military readiness of the United States and its allies, and helps preserve the nation’s freedom. Needless to say I was grateful to be asked to come and share with their employees about CLC with hopes that their employees will designate their Combined Federal Campaign gifts to us.CFC Logo

Do you need a speaker? If so, it would be my privilege to come share about CLC and the various ways in which you can be a part. I’m continually looking for ways to partner, collaborate and network.

I hope to hear from you!

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director