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Meet CLC Board Members

While it is true that each organization has its own personality the same could be said of the board of directors. Community Lifeline Center is pleased to have a board that is comprised of compassionate and dedicated members that believe and support the CLC mission. We are continually looking for additional members. If interested simply download the board member application and return to our office. Not pictured is Sheila Miller, Volunteer McKinney Center.

Mixture of Emotions

As I reflect over the day I’m overwhelmed with a variety of emotions. By late morning our case manager expressed to me that her client interviews were filled with some hard stories of what families are going through. It’s tough. I assisted with one interview and walked away afterwards wondering how this disabled woman was going to live her life realizing that she does not have enough money to live off each month. And yet she’s afraid to tell her family. Does this touch your heart?

I also met with a variety of contacts for networking purposes. You see I’m constantly desiring to meet others who can possibly help me network, discover other resources, help tell our story, and what CLC needs and needs now. Yes, my heart is touched and I would like to touch yours as well. So, what motivates you to give and give freely? What must you see, feel or touch before you give generously…give generously…give generously until it HURTS or FEELS GOOD ?

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director

CLC Staff: It Takes A Team #2

Let’s meet some additional CLC team members that are a great asset. Meet Melva Whitlock. She’s been a friend of Christine’s for about four years. She enjoys teaching, serving others and volunteering her time as much as possible. You’ll find Melva answering the phones, greeting folks as they come in for assistance and welcoming the challenge of file management maintenance. Oh yes, she’s putting things in their proper order and doing a mighty fine job.

And there’s Will Pry who has offered his services in the area of creative thinking. Will serves as the editor of The Dallas Morning News Briefing newspaper. Christine met him earlier this year when she spoke at Trinity Presbyterian Church in McKinney. He and his wife, Holly, graciously coordinate the Thanksgiving basket meals for CLC families. Most recently Will has served on the CLC Marketing Team for the purpose of re branding. Let’s just say he’s really GOOD at putting words together. Thanks Will.

Finally, you must meet Katie Andries Tilley. This young woman walked into the CLC offices and simply asked if we needed any volunteers. Christine quickly met with her and discovered her social work background and desire to assist with case management. Katie’s experience and desire to serve people has been a great addition to the CLC team. She does a great job in assessing client needs and then determining best options for assistance.

CLC Staff: It Takes A Team

As you get to know Christine Hockin-Boyd, executive director, you’ll soon discover her importance of teamwork and how she implements her approach on a day-to-day basis. Over the next few weeks you’ll be introduced to the family — volunteer staff, professional consultants and board of directors.

Rebecca Moss, Database Manager

Rebecca Moss, Database Manager

First, let’s meet Rebecca Moss. She came to CLC early January ’09 shortly after Christine arrived. She serves as database manager in regards to clients and constituents. And you’ll also see her pitching in to help by answering the phone, distributing items and making sure Christine leaves at a decent time each day.

Greg Allbright, CEO & Founder of Change for a Dollar

Greg Allbright, CEO & Founder of Change for a Dollar

And there’s Greg Allbright. He was introduced to Christine by a colleague Kim Campbell with TXU Energy. Greg is the CEO and Founder of a new nonprofit Change for a DollarHe is providing CLC with professional services in the areas of emarketing, grant funding, and policy/procedure review. He’s been a great asset already and has done a great job training Christine in her first social media experiences.

If he’s not careful he may become a permanent CLC team member. Greg’s a keeper but we don’t mind sharing his expertise with you. Check him out.

Meet more of the CLC Family in days ahead. Again, they’re a great team!