Grab A Tissue And Meet Precious Diane

Grab A Tissue And Meet Precious Diane

employeeDiane [not her real name] arrived in North Texas with high hopes and a boyfriend.  She was ready to work hard as a nurses’ aid to make a better life for herself and her children whom she left in the care of her mother until she was settled.  Soon, however, her world crashed.  She wound up with no family, no friends, and no resources.  She lived in her car or stayed in shelters for about eight months.  She was often hungry.  That’s when someone suggested she visit the Community Lifeline Center.

At CLC, Diane met with Delphia, the case manager.  The client told her story which, by this time, included the fact that her mother had called CPS, and her children were in foster care.  She left CLC with renewed hope, some groceries and supplies.  “Delphia and Sue are wonderful people,” Diane offered.  She believed then, and still does, that God had a plan for her.

Working hard and persevering, Diane now has an apartment and is preparing to get her children back.  “It’s a process,” she stated, but her faith and her determination keep her on the path.  Then in partnership with one of CLC’s church supporters, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church activated the “Hands & Feet Ministry” which graciously began working to help furnish her new apartment. Wonderful items were collected, delivered, and setup including:

  • A full family room set (sofa, easy chair, coffee table, end tables, entertainment center)
  • A dining set (table and four chairs)
  • Book shelves
  • A dresser
  • Bed-in-a-bag sets for each bed
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Welcome mat with the word “HOME” printed on it
  • Decorative items (flower arrangements, vases, faux fichus tree)
  • Pots and pans
  • A complete kitchen set (dishes, casserole dishes, serving bowls, etc.)
  • A vacuum cleaner


Diane mentioned to Delphia that she was sleeping in the apartment on an air mattress, and Delphia put her in touch with someone who could provide beds.  When they were delivered, the woman learned of Diane’s vocation.  She offered help with tuition and books so that Diane could get more training.  She thinks of this woman as her angel.  Like the CLC had done earlier, this opened doors of opportunity and restored Diane’s hope.

Diane recently lost her car, but she has a ride to work and continues to take double shifts whenever she can.  She said, “I love that peers around me want to see me progress.”   She wants her children to be with her and hopes they can join her very soon.  Meanwhile, she counts her blessings.  “God is so good, so awesome.  I thank God for helping me get through [2014].  CLC opened everything up for me.”

And through the wonderful partnership with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Diane received even more blessings than she could have ever imagined. Hands & Feet Ministry Coordinator Dana Jean shared, “It is sincerely a pleasure to work with Diane.  She has received our gifts graciously, always thanking us again and again, and we get big hugs from her each time we see her.  We will keep her and her family on our Hands & Feet Ministry prayer list, and have asked our Daughters of the King chapter to pray daily for her as well.  We offer our heartfelt thanks to Community Lifeline Center, and especially Delphia, for inviting us to participate in helping to lift Diane up!”

As we say at CLC, “A community stands tallest when it kneels to lend a helping hand.”