Let’s Hear it for the Dads

Let’s Hear it for the Dads

Father's DayThere are 50.1 million fathers in the US, and about 29 million grandfathers. So, if you’re fortunate to have one, or both, in your life, June 21 is the day to say “thanks.” Because, while every one of us has a father, only the lucky ones have a Dad.

Of course, “Dad” means different things today.

There are over 2.6 million single Dads raising kids today.  And, like their single female heads of households, single Dads tend to be younger, less educated, and less affluent than married males. They, too have a lot on their plate, and deserve our support and encouragement.

And, there are around 2 million stay-at-home Dads in two-parent households. No more, being out of the home at work all day; now Dad feeds the family, sees the kids off to school, and basically runs the house. And, of course, there is the more traditional role Dads play in two parent households, where both parents work.

So, yes, the role Dads play is changing, but having them more involved is a good thing. Research shows that kids who have a Dad involved in their lives show an increase in curiosity and problem solving capacity. Highly involved fathers contribute increased mental dexterity in children, increased empathy, and less stereotypical gender role beliefs, and greater self control.

So, on Sunday, June 21 celebrate the fathers and grandfathers in your life. Click here to donate in their honor or their memory to Community Lifeline Center. Remember their strength, the strong shoulder they shared with you; the endless supply of patience and encouragement they gave you. And, on their special day, remember, with a smile, the words of essayist Quentin Crisp about Dads:

“My mother protected me from the world, and my father threatened me with it.”

Happy father’s day to all our Dads.