Precious Thank You Letter

Precious Thank You Letter

Thank YouRecently, the Community Lifeline Center received the following letter, handwritten, from a grateful client:

“To The Staff and Helpers,

                “There is no words to describe what a difference you make in my life.  Your kindness, compassion, love, and the help you have given me is so very much appreciated.  You have been there for my family when I was at a point of worrying about how I was going to make it.

                “The lifeline market is off the chain.  The extra miles you go on the holidays is beyond anything I would of ever imagined.  The Bibles you offer gave me the chance to give one to my grandchildren and my daughters.  The extra goodies you give, just out of nowhere, for no reason, put a smile in my heart every time.

                “Went to my first class that you offer for free, it was very educational, fun, and pleasant.  The gas card was awesome.  Once again it was a worry of mine about gas for the week to get the errands ran I needed.  Many tears have fell from my eyes, they have been tears of joy and appreciation.  You are truly angels of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He knows my needs and worries and He has Community Lifeline Angels.

                If every life you reach out to is Blessed as mine, you truly have made a difference on the earth.  You have touched my life in so many ways.  I would like to say, Thank You !….”

This letter sums up rather well the various services and areas of help that the Community Lifeline Center provides, from the Lifeline Market where groceries and household items are distributed, to classes that  improve job placement and budgeting skills, utilities, and rent.   Along the way, there are often “extras” that some clients welcome and appreciate – extras that make a holiday more special or provide for the next generation. (Tom Ahern, “Texas Non Profits,” April 14, 2015).

Thank you’s like this one are certainly appreciated by the staff and volunteers at Community Lifeline Center.  But the true thanks must be shared with the donors who make these gifts possible.  Without support from our covenant churches, individuals, and commercial partners, CLC’s “hands” would be tied.   So we thank our team for their financial support that enables us to reach out the helping hand that obviously makes our neighbors’ lives better.