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Let’s Hear it for the Dads

Father's DayThere are 50.1 million fathers in the US, and about 29 million grandfathers. So, if you’re fortunate to have one, or both, in your life, June 21 is the day to say “thanks.” Because, while every one of us has a father, only the lucky ones have a Dad.

Of course, “Dad” means different things today.

There are over 2.6 million single Dads raising kids today.  And, like their single female heads of households, single Dads tend to be younger, less educated, and less affluent than married males. They, too have a lot on their plate, and deserve our support and encouragement.

And, there are around 2 million stay-at-home Dads in two-parent households. No more, being out of the home at work all day; now Dad feeds the family, sees the kids off to school, and basically runs the house. And, of course, there is the more traditional role Dads play in two parent households, where both parents work.

So, yes, the role Dads play is changing, but having them more involved is a good thing. Research shows that kids who have a Dad involved in their lives show an increase in curiosity and problem solving capacity. Highly involved fathers contribute increased mental dexterity in children, increased empathy, and less stereotypical gender role beliefs, and greater self control.

So, on Sunday, June 21 celebrate the fathers and grandfathers in your life. Click here to donate in their honor or their memory to Community Lifeline Center. Remember their strength, the strong shoulder they shared with you; the endless supply of patience and encouragement they gave you. And, on their special day, remember, with a smile, the words of essayist Quentin Crisp about Dads:

“My mother protected me from the world, and my father threatened me with it.”

Happy father’s day to all our Dads.


Beat the Summer Heat Event

Group 1

What a SUCCESS!!!! Community Lifeline Center can’t say thank you enough to all our supporters for making
this event such a tremendous success. 160 box fans were delivered promptly at 8:00 am on Wednesday, June 3 to the McKinney Central Fire Station #1 by the good folks at Groom & Son’s Hardware. For the first time ever, we ran out of fans within 1 ½ hours.

Thank you to the McKinney Noon Lions Club for all your volunteer heBox Fanslp, and to the McKinney Ladies Association and CoServ CharitableFoundation for your ongoing support! And a new donor thank you to Dina Awe, Mary Williams, and Kim Ludwig for graciously giving that extra support needed to have additional fans.Together we all served 67 local families, helping them keep cool this summer in the Texas heat. We hope to see you all there again next year!

Remember, a community stands tallest when it kneels to lend a helping hand!Group 2P1050884

Meet CLC’s Newest Volunteers

Tiffany Nguyen is working in CLC’s front office as an application assistant and receptionist, providing phone back up and bilingual support. She will be with us this summer before she heads back to UT Dallas. We love her smile and her positive attitude. Bonnie Wallace is providing extra help in Special Projects specifically “on the hunt” for history trivia as CLC prepares for a big anniversary event later this year. Thank you for blessing us with your time and talent Tiffany and Bonnie!

Tiffany Bonnie









Are you looking to volunteer with an organization with a heart for the local community? Community Lifeline Center needs you! We need help in our Lifeline Market, behind-the-scenes office work and upcoming fundraising needs. With as little as 4 hours a month YOU can make a difference. Please email [email protected] or call 972.542.0020 and speak to Brennan Newell, Volunteer Resources Manager. Oh, by the way, Brennan is a new volunteer as well. Welcome Brennan!

Celebrating Partnerships!

The Community Lifeline Center is celebrating the awards of two grants to help the organization fulfill its mission.  The Junior League of Collin County granted the Community Lifeline Center $5,000 “to provide financial support to North Collin County families who are at-risk of homelessness due to an unexpected and necessary financial expense.”  And CoServ Charitable Foundation replenished their grant of $10,000 which will be used to help  qualified clients to overcome their respective crisis and learn from the experience in order to be prepared for the unexpected in the future.

Junior League of Collin CountyVolunteerism is a major focus for both CLC and the Junior League.  Julie DeHan, Community Grants Chair for the Junior League of Collin County, said, “The Junior League of Collin County is committed to volunteerism and improving the Collin County community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  The programs provided by the Community Lifeline Center have similar goals, and we are proud to play a part in your outstanding organization.”  In fact, the CLC recorded nearly 8,000 volunteer hours in 2014.  Our Lifeline Market, relies almost exclusively on volunteers.  Stocking the shelves and packaging orders on market days are duties also performed by volunteers.  Our education program, LifeSteps, which is free of cost to all residents in our service area, is entirely staffed by volunteers.  The multiple special events held during the year, such as utility assistance days and holiday food distribution also utilize volunteer efforts.

The CoServ Emergency Funds will be used to help individuals and families through their crises by assisting them with their basic financial needs, sCoServ Logouch as rent/utility assistance, food, prescriptions, etc.  Operation Roundup® “is supported by CoServ Members and Customers who “round up” their monthly electric and gas bills to the nearest dollar.  The extra pennies go to the CoServ Charitable Foundation, which distributes every cent via grants to worthy causes in the CoServ Service area.  CLC provides the client and the family additional support through targeted job skills and education programs, thereby boosting life skills to avoid once more falling into crisis.

According to the City of McKinney Annual Development Report and US Census data, the population of McKinney grew from 54,000 in 2000 to 131,000 in 2010 and is projected to reach 200,000 within the next decade.  With the increase in population, the demand on social service agencies also increases.  Our commitment to client service and collaboration in the community has contributed to a higher number of referrals provided and doubled the number of individuals served over the past year.  The grants from both The Junior League of Collin County and CoServe Emergency Funds will allow the CLC to better meet the needs of North Collin County residents.

CoSer Presentation - Delphia, Dan, Christine

Delphia Adeogun (CLC Case Manager), Dan Mugg (CoServ Area Manager), Christine Hockin-Boyd (CLC Executive Director)

Junior League of Collin County Staff & Volunteers, Christine Hockin-Boyd (CLC Executive Director)

Junior League of Collin County Staff & Volunteers, Christine Hockin-Boyd (CLC Executive Director)

The Myth of “The Takers”: A Family’s Story

It may be fashionable to heap scorn on the imagined population who live comfortably off the kindness of makers, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Based on various research reports 38-55% of Americans are routinely living paycheck to paycheck, and 77% have –at one time or another – had to live that way. In fact, about 44% of Americans have less than $5,800 in their savings accounts, and only 35% are certain they could come up with the full amount if an unexpected need for $2,000 came up within the next month.

These are the folks –singles, families, seniors, veterans – who are served through your support of CLC. They come to us with stories about a variety of life events, and what becomes apparent is that a crisis is rarely the result of a single event. Take “Bill” who came to CLC asking for assistance with his current rent. These are the events that shaped his family’s crisis:

  • His wife had to stop working to care for her terminally ill father in Mississippi, so their monthly income was already reduced significantly
  • Bill was laid off from his supervisory position at a local company
  • He has applied for Unemployment benefits, but was not approved as of the date he contacted CLC
  • The rental property the family lives in was sold to a new investor, who promptly raised the rent

So, Bill had utility bills coming due and no way to pay them, and increased rent due.  In trying to manage the family’s basic needs, he voluntarily stopped taking his diabetes medication to conserve the money they had.

So, a dedicated two-income working family is brought low by a perfect storm of unexpected, unrelated events. A taker? No.  Bill is registered with Texas Workforce and vigorously looking for a full time position. He’s getting online financial budgeting training [which is required]. CLC provided partial rent assistance for the current month, made all utility payments, provided assistance in getting Bill’s diabetes medication, and provided visits to the CLC Lifeline Market for food every two weeks. Bill’s family is able to stay in their home, all utilities working, food in the pantry, and Bill taking his prescribed medication.

Visits with the case manager to determine assistance for the next month are scheduled. Perhaps the strengthening, albeit moderate, job market will give Bill the opportunity he is looking for to return to work. At some point they may again be a two-income family.

But, at the moment of need, when events converged – events that could swamp over 50% of local families – CLC was there: with help, with hope. And, all because of the power of your support.

Enjoy this video What is Community?


CLC Executive Director Honored

Christine & Debi

Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director, with Debi Morelli-Matzke who submitted the nomination

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce, in recognizing the importance, and increasingly large share, of women in the workforce supports programs such as the Women’s Alliance of McKinney, and the annual McKinney Magazine Top 25 Women in Business award. Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director of CLC, was among the McKinney business women honored with the magazine’s 2015 award.

McKinney Magazine invited readers to identify women they believe “make outstanding contributions to the commuTop 25 Womennity, through their professional lives as well as their civic commitments”.  All nominees were reviewed by an impartial and independent selection committee of area business professionals, who then narrowed the list to the final 25. Honorees represent a diverse range of businesses and non-profit organizations across an array of categories.

Community Lifeline Center is a McKinney-based human services organization serving the needs of those facing short term crisis in Collin County. Christine Hockin-Boyd has served as Executive Director of the organization since 2008, and under her stewardship the organization has grown, and now meets the needs of over 12,000 area residents per year. Funded by grants, and individual and corporate donations, CLC’s goal is to keep families together, in their home, with utilities turned on and healthy food on the table, and –where possible – assist their return to economic independence. CLC services include the Lifeline Market, and diverse life and job skills training programs.

Be sure to visit the current needs page to learn how you give support. Or donate today knowing you are making a difference in your community.

Help. Hope. Here.


Allstate Foundation $1,000 Grant Honors Kathy Hall

Allstate Team

Community Lifeline Center is pleased to receive $1,000 from The Allstate Foundation in honor of Allstate Agent Kathy Hall’s volunteerism. We are pleased to partner with Allstate and their commitment to making our hometowns better, safer places to live.  Some say “it’s all in a day’s work,” but others go out of their way to do more.  This is true of Community Lifeline Center Volunteer Kathy Hall.  Congratulations Kathy.

The Allstate Foundation Grants Management Team notified Executive Director Christine Hockin-Boyd of this award and said, “At Allstate, Agent Kathy Hall is our community leader because when The Good Hands People give back, our hometowns are better, safer places to live.  Community involvement is an extension of what our agents do every day — protecting people and preparing them for the future.”

Mrs. Hall says, “Growing up in Collin County, raising my family here, and serving 1Kathy Hall Family7 years as an educator in the school systems has given my family many ties to our local areas. Now, being an Allstate agency owner, which I am proud to say is family owned and operated, and being trusted advisors to our customers, we feel it’s important to be involved in our local community and to find ways to connect and give back.  Non-profit organizations depend heavily on the donations and volunteers to provide service that people need and I consider it a privilege and honor to serve on the board of CLC, having the opportunity to work with Christine Hockin-Boyd, the staff and volunteers, and fellow board members and admiring their passion for serving others and dedication to the mission of CLC.

“We are appreciative to the Allstate Foundation for awarding CLC the Allstate Agency Hands in the Community grant.  My family and I are proud to represent a company like Allstate who’s been serving our customers and giving back to our communities for over 80 years.”

The grant will benefit CLC by providing operating support or program funding.

Precious Thank You Letter

Thank YouRecently, the Community Lifeline Center received the following letter, handwritten, from a grateful client:

“To The Staff and Helpers,

                “There is no words to describe what a difference you make in my life.  Your kindness, compassion, love, and the help you have given me is so very much appreciated.  You have been there for my family when I was at a point of worrying about how I was going to make it.

                “The lifeline market is off the chain.  The extra miles you go on the holidays is beyond anything I would of ever imagined.  The Bibles you offer gave me the chance to give one to my grandchildren and my daughters.  The extra goodies you give, just out of nowhere, for no reason, put a smile in my heart every time.

                “Went to my first class that you offer for free, it was very educational, fun, and pleasant.  The gas card was awesome.  Once again it was a worry of mine about gas for the week to get the errands ran I needed.  Many tears have fell from my eyes, they have been tears of joy and appreciation.  You are truly angels of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He knows my needs and worries and He has Community Lifeline Angels.

                If every life you reach out to is Blessed as mine, you truly have made a difference on the earth.  You have touched my life in so many ways.  I would like to say, Thank You !….”

This letter sums up rather well the various services and areas of help that the Community Lifeline Center provides, from the Lifeline Market where groceries and household items are distributed, to classes that  improve job placement and budgeting skills, utilities, and rent.   Along the way, there are often “extras” that some clients welcome and appreciate – extras that make a holiday more special or provide for the next generation. (Tom Ahern, “Texas Non Profits,” April 14, 2015).

Thank you’s like this one are certainly appreciated by the staff and volunteers at Community Lifeline Center.  But the true thanks must be shared with the donors who make these gifts possible.  Without support from our covenant churches, individuals, and commercial partners, CLC’s “hands” would be tied.   So we thank our team for their financial support that enables us to reach out the helping hand that obviously makes our neighbors’ lives better.

Giving Thanks & Honor To Our Moms

Mother's DayIt’s almost Mother’s Day.  Perhaps your children, grandchildren, or spouse are asking if there’s something you would like to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special.  Flowers don’t last more than a few days; the newest books are available at the public library; and candy isn’t really good for the diet.  Well, here’s an idea.  Ask your loved ones to make the day special, in your honor, for another mother — one who’s struggling.

Many moms right here in Collin County are having difficulties keeping food on the table, paying the rent so they can stay in their homes, keeping the utilities on, buying gas so they can get to work and back.  The Community Lifeline Center hears from these moms every day (the majority of clients are single moms).  And their needs do not stop because we’re approaching a holiday or summer break.  If anything, summer increases their needs because the kids will be at home more, eating more meals at home and using more utilities than they do when they’re at school.

Recently, one mom said, “My boss called and said they were taking a different direction and I got 2 weeks’ notice that I would not have a job.  I already had a past due phone balance. . . . I have not been able to pay my rent, my water bill, and my electric is past due from last month and I have received a disconnect notice.  I have sold everything of value and now I am looking at being evicted and having utilities cut off.  I have less than $200 in cash that I have to use for gas.”

A donation made to the Community Lifeline Center can help this woman and others like her greatly.  Just contact the CLC at 972-542-0020 or donate online.   Not only can you help make another mom’s  Mother’s Day special; your loved ones’ donation will improve their entire month.  They’ll have hope and know that others care.  “A community stands tallest when it kneels to offer a helping hand.”

Tucker Hill Courtyards, Concerts & Cars

Courtyards Concerts & Cars

Courtyards Concerts & Cars A tour of four courtyard gardens in the TH-42614-011-emailTucker Hill community in McKinney will benefit the Community Lifeline Center.  Tucker Hill, located north of Hwy 380 between Ridge and Custer Road, has scheduled the event for Saturday, May 16, from 5 to 8 pm.  “Courtyards, Concerts & Cars” will feature garden tours, a free “old meets new” car show, and a free outdoor concert featuring Six of the Matter.

TH-42614-017-emailOnly the Courtyard Garden Tour requires a $5 admission, which can be purchased by cash/check only at the event.  Guests can interact with Collin County Master Gardeners available in each garden to answer questions at the same time they support CLC.

For more information about activities planned, a drawing for a gift card, and free hot dogs, go to www.tuckerhilltx.com.   Mark your calendars today for a fun, springtime outing that will also help your neighbors.

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