Thank Goodness for Community Partners

Thank Goodness for Community Partners

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CoServ LogoAs the winter reluctantly gave way to spring, many families in north Collin County feared the arrival of the utility bills. It seemed the furnaces could get no rest. But Community Lifeline Center and the regions utility providers came through to help local residents in need.

Three special Utility Assistance Days were announced. On February 25 and March 25, a total of 50 families received assistance in meeting their costs with TXU Energy — over $19,000 in assistances, to be more specific. And on March 11, 15 families received nearly $6,000 in help from CoServ. In total, sixty-five families received $24,954.94 in help from TXU Energy and CoServ.

Both providers sent representatives to the Community Lifeline Center on these days to meet with clients previously screened by the CLC as eligible for benefits. Appointments were scheduled in advance, and clients brought the requested documentation to present to the representatives. They may have arrived with concerns about meeting their expenses, but they left with smiles of relief. CLC is most grateful for all community partners, and these two utility providers are especially appreciated at this time.